Relativity Science Calculator - Appendix

Relativity Science Calculator - Appendix

"Mass is a phenomenon of connecting light rays which go back and forth, sort of freezing them into a pattern. So matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light", Dialogues with Scientists and Sages, 1986 - David Bohm, Ph.D. ( 1917 - 1992, born Jewish - American, Manhattan Project, Israel's Technion ), theoretical Physicist, a close Einstein colleague at Princeton University's Institute for Advanced Study

Kepler's 3rd Law

Newton & Kepler: Circular Velocity and Acceleration Planetary Equations

What is the Connection between Proper vs. Relativistic?
( at rest, co - moving )
Lorentz Factor
<--- ( the connector ) --->
( in motion, at a distance )
invariant, constant time relativistic time
invariant, constant length relativistic length
invariant, constant mass in special relativity: relativistic, inertial or effective mass
in general relativity: inertial mass == gravitational mass
[ from the Latin celeritas meaning speed or swiftness is universal constant, all other quantities being relative ]

The Relation between Proper Time vs. Coordinate Time

Newton vs. Einstein: Motion, Time, Mass and Gravity


Newton: 'inertial' means uniform, non - accelerating, straight - line motion

Einstein: 'inertial' means non - accelerating; 'non - inertial' means accelerating motion


Newton: time is constant, universally invariant

Einstein: time is relativistic ( relative ) depending upon clock separation distance and speed


Newton: mass is constant, universally invariant

Einstein: mass is relativistic ( relative ) depending upon body of matter possessing distance, velocity and acceleration ( equiv. gravity )


Newton: instantaneous action at a distance

Einstein: finite speed travelling at the speed of light; best described, understood by a non - Euclidean geometry metric variable
mathematically identified by the "fundamental metric tensor",


Each of these qualities of external physical reality are intimately intertwined!!
That is, without one or the other, any remaining external quality in physics is meaningless!

Inertial Mass


Inertial Mass, Gravitational Mass, and the Geodetic ( Geodesic ) Equation


Poisson's Gravitational Potentials is the connection between Einstein's Gravity Field Equation and Newton's 'Action at a Distance'

Black Holes Event Horizon and Escape Velocity

∗∗∗notice: these two equations are exactly the same!! Just substitute for . Voilá!